Saturday, May 19, 2012

Our Anniversary Tour of the Celebration Cruise Line Bridge May 2012

I opened the door and the head steward, Mr. Jeff invited us to the ship's bridge,  where they drive the ship.  

Here is the first officer. 
He is  a 22 year old guy from 
Dubrovnik, Croatia.  

Here is  a wide shot of where the captain and the crew drive the ship. 

My late Father and Uncle 
both served in the Navy in the 50s.  

Here is where the Captain steers the ship.  On the left the little black knob is the steering wheel. 

Here is my husband with a map of the world on the bridge of the ship. 

Here are the wood floors of the ship. 

I loved this picture on the bridge of the ship. 

Here is a pic of the port in Freeport, Bahamas. 

Here is the Carnival Magic, the ship next door.  They left before we did.  

Here is  the pirate ship parked docked next to both of these ships.  

There is a movie studio where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean next.


A Bahamian tug boat pilot boat. I took this pic from our cabin as we were leaving.   

Stay tuned for more photos and vids.  

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